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Global Marketing Lead
Renata Pasternak is a highly accomplished professional in B2B marketing with 20 years of experience. She has a proven track record of leading international marketing teams and implementing strategic initiatives to drive business growth and efficiency. Renata has held key leadership roles, including Global Head of Marketing for Sustainability at HSBC Group, Regional Head of Marketing (Europe, EMEA) at HSBC, and Client Service Director at Kantar/TNS Poland. Currently, in her role as the Marketing Operating Model Global Lead at HSBC, she is responsible for designing and implementing a new operating model for digital marketing within the B2B marketing team. Renata leads a cross-disciplinary working group to create and implement a customized operating model that enhances digital adoption, improves marketing performance, and drives tangible results. Along with her professional accomplishments, Renata has also presented at numerous industry events on topics such as customer insight, marketing strategy, and transformation.
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