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Head of Scaled Measurement
Patrick currently works for Pinterest as the Head of Measurement for EMEA Growth markets, supporting clients and agencies in utilising measurement thinking and solutions to improve their marketing. He previously worked at Meta (fka Facebook) as a Marketing Scientist, managing a team in Scaled EMEA. Beyond Patrick's day-to-day, he's keen to share his learnings in the ads measurement space with students across Ireland. He's guest lectured MSc & MBA students from UCD Smurfit and Queen's University Belfast students on the challenges of determining the long & short-term impact of advertising. Being curious is a key part of who Patrick is. He keeps up to date on the marketing industry through podcasts and articles, but also considers himself to be a life-long learner! He has recently completed Mark Ritson's mini-MBA in Marketing and has professional diplomas in Data Analytics and Web Development.
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