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Head of Growth & Product Marketing
Sterling Bank Plc
Tobi Adekunle is a growth and marketing specialist and passionate technology enthusiast with a proven track record of over 12 years in diverse industries. He is the founder of one of Nigeria's largest digital communities, recognized as a mentor and trainer in the digital transformation and marketing ecosystem, and Tobi actively contributes to the development of professionals in the field. He teaches Digital Marketing Techniques and Digital Strategy as part of the Chartered Institute of Marketing Professional Certification UK module. His academic achievements reflect his commitment to continuous learning and professional growth. He holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Professional Marketing from the esteemed Chartered Institute of Marketing UK. Furthermore, he earned his MBA from the renowned Business School Netherlands, equipping him with a comprehensive understanding of strategic business management. Additionally, he obtained a Certificate in Strategic Marketing from Lagos Business School, further enhancing his expertise in the field. Driven by his passion for leveraging technology to drive business growth, he is dedicated to pushing boundaries, fostering collaboration, and empowering marketing professionals and entrepreneurs to thrive in the ever-evolving business landscape.
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