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Director of Revenue Marketing
Keith Povey is an experienced marketer with a chequered past… Chequered in the sense that that he has worked in a mix of the agency world for 6-7 years and also on the client side for 13 years – having the chance to work for and with the likes of IBM, Verizon, Sony, Optiv, Feefo, Cisco and SAP. Leveraging experiences on both sides of the fence, whilst being a ‘data-led creative’, has allowed him to enjoy many of the IT industry’s various alphabet soup of disciplines; IOT, Cyber, UCC, telcos, channel, servers and storage, SaaS, LOL and WTF... He has successfully led demand gen, content, digital, creative and performance teams regionally and globally across the IT space in his 20-year career and is currently the Director of Revenue Marketing for the scale-up Panaseer, charged with building sustainable hypergrowth pipeline in cybersecurity.
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