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Global Head of Marketing
S&P Global Ratings
A dynamic and results-driven intrapreneur, Francesco boasts 15+ years of experience in product development and commercialization across diverse industries. As a transformational leader, he has contributed to business growth for Fortune 200 companies in global and complex settings. With a strong background in product, marketing, and technology, Francesco has a track record of building and leading high-performing teams in Europe, Asia, and the US. During his tenure at JLL, Francesco played a pivotal role in accelerating sales, marketing, and digital products, doubling revenue from $8 to $16+ billion in just seven years, by leading sustainable business transformation initiatives with a focus on change and people management. Throughout his career, Francesco has leveraged digital opportunities to create value and competitive advantage for top brands, with notable achievements including launching Vodafone's first self-care mobile app and implementing a real-time dynamic pricing algorithm on Acer's global e-commerce platform. An AI pioneer (his thesis focused on AI applied to legal practice), Francesco is currently focussing on applying his proven digital transformation practices to generative AI pilots and programmes in large, complex corporate environments. Francesco lives in West London and cultivates his passions for the world of food & wine, aviation and hiking.
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