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Unreal Digital Group
Cari Baldwin is known for blazing new trails in marketing, sales and revenue growth while also elevating the skills, careers, and performance of those around her. She has 20-plus years of B2B marketing experience and most recently co-founded Unreal Digital Group, a growing digital marketing agency that specializes in strategy and planning, marketing technology, campaign execution, channel marketing, content creation and sales enablement. At UDG, she leads teams that bring cutting-edge marketing practices to small, medium and large businesses across all industries. Cari also was a co-founding Board Member and now Advisor of Women in Revenue, an organization focused on giving back to women in business and technology industries through mentorship programs, opportunities, and access to resources. Building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships is a hallmark of Cari’s career, but she’s also recognized as an expert and speaker on ABM, demand generation, revenue-generating technology stacks, and marketing at SaaS-based companies. Start-ups and high-growth companies seek her out for insight into marketing and revenue-generation tools, techniques, and execution. Anyone who has met Cari and worked with her would certainly describe her as an innovative and inspiring professional.
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